Ibadan Bar to go for Bio-metric Capturing

The Nigerian Bar Association, Ibadan Branch has resolved to go for bio-metric data capturing of its members. The motion for this move was adopted at its Monthly General meeting held on Saturday 1st of February 2020.

The Ibadan Bar’s original idea was to prepare a Data Base of its members. Indeed, the Bar Chairman, Oluwole Akintayo had spoken about this to the Jurisconsult in his interview with this Journal in January 2020.

The Chairman, during the February monthly meeting, was reminding the members of the need to supply their data for the purpose of the Data Base when he mentioned that the condition for inclusion in the Data Base is that a member must have been verified by the Nigerian Bar Association at the national level. He said a member who had purchased the NBA stamps would be eligible for inclusion in the Date Base because purchasing the stamps was evidence of verification, since the NBA does not sell those stamps to persons who have not been verified.

Dr. Oluwole Akintayo

However, Yinka Esan Esq., in his reaction said purchasing stamps should not be made a criterion for inclusion in the Data Base because there were certain authentic members of the NBA who do not purchase stamps because they don’t need them. Kolawole Esan Esq., backed this position when he pointed out that some fake lawyers actually have these stamps, so that possession of stamps is not a reliable proof of being a genuine lawyer.


In his emphatic contribution, Richarmond Natha-Alade Esq., wondered why the Bar is still finding it difficult to prepare a reliable Law List, using bio-metric registration. He argued that bio-metrics would give easily accessible and comprehensive information about any lawyer, including the picture of the lawyer in question. According to him, this is the best and the most cost effective way to curb the incidence of fake lawyers.

This argument seems to have struck the right note with most of the members present at the meeting. Bolaji Agoro Esq., a past Secretary of the Ibadan Bar then moved a Motion that subject to affordability, the Ibadan Bar should go for bio-metric registration of its members. The Motion being seconded and without a counter motion, the Ibadan Bar resolved to embark on bio-metric registration. It was further resolved that this idea be sold to the Nigerian Bar Association at the national level.

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